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The Pennon: Advertising

Thank you for your interest in advertising in North Shore Community Colleges student newspaper The Pennon. Pennon staff at the next meeting must vote on all ads (meetings are the first and third Thursday of every month), once the ad is approved or otherwise the Advertiser will be informed next day.

We publish monthly eight times per academic year (September, October, November, December, February, March, April and May). Ads must be submitted by email to pennon@northshore.edu, preferably in a .jpg or PDF format. Other formats acceptable in preferable order are .tiff and or Word document.

Payments for all ads should be received before the deadline date by check to N.S.C.C. /Pennon. Ads received after the deadline will be held until the following month issue.

Black and White Ads:
Full page (15h x 10w):      $100
Half page (7 1/2h x 10w):      $50
Quarter page (7 1/2h x 5w):      $25

Special Discount Rates:
4 consecutive months: 5% Discount
8 consecutive months: 1 ad free

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