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North Shore Community College

Men As Leaders Empowered to Strive (MALES) Mentor Program
MALES Mentor Program offers a strong transition to college and empowers new students to become engaged learners and members of their communities. The free program will focus on:

  1. Getting to graduation successfully
  2. What it means to be a minority male in college
  3. Learning & classroom skills
  4. Mentor relationships that support a healthy transition to college, foster academic success and personal growth.
  5. Civic learning and democratic engagement to develop resumes and enhance student learning experience
  6. Creating a sense of belonging and purpose

Application Guidelines:

  1. Be admitted to NSCC for the 2018-2019 academic year
  2. Be a first-generation college student and/or from a low-income family
  3. Be a first-year college student.
  4. Complete the MALES Mentor Program Application

Participation Guidelines:

  1. Complete an Achievement Agreement
  2. Participate in all program components
  3. You meet the academic standards of the North Shore Community College.

Michele Cubelli Harris, M.Ed., CAGS
Senior Special Programs Coordinator
Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs

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