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International Students

Financial Documentation

Students must submit their original bank statement to NSCC with their official application to the college as required by SEVIS. The bank statement must:

  1. Be an original document - please keep a copy of this document for yourself,
  2. (2) Must be no older than 6 months prior to intended start date at NSCC,
  3. If you are a student that is dependent (your parents are supporting you financially), you must provide a notarized letter (Statement of Support) that clarifies your relationship and attach this original, notarized letter to your original bank statements.

Estimated Educational and Living Expenses for One Year

Item Cost Notes
Tuition and Fees $10,104 (based on $421 per credit for 24 credits)
Books and Supplies $800  
Room and Board $15,700 (subtracted if provided by sponsor)
Health Insurance (mandatory) $840  
Personal Costs $3,000  
Total $28,908 ($13,208 if sponsor provides room & board)
* If your spouse or any unmarried minor children (under 18 years of age) will accompany you to the U.S. (F-2 status), add $3,050 per person to the total estimate of expenses.

If a sponsor is going to provide funds for tuition and/or room and board, submit two original letters (not photocopies or faxes) from your sponsor stating that he/she will sponsor you while you are a student. The letters must state that you are being sponsored specifically for NSCC and must be signed by your sponsor and notarized.

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