State Immunization Requirements for 2018-2019

Massachusetts state law requires all full-time undergraduate and all full and part-time Health Profession students and students on a visa submit documentation for immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, varicella, hepatitis B and meningitis.

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NEW Meningococcal Requirements for 2018-2019

In addition to current state immunization requirements, all newly enrolled full-time students 21 years of age and younger are also required to submit meningitis documentation in one of the following ways:

  • Proof of one dose of MenACWY administered on or after 16th birthday OR
  • Signed Meningococcal Waiver.

Visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for more information about meningococcal vaccines, vaccination requirements and the meningococcal waiver or stop by Student Health Services in Danvers DB-108 or Lynn LW-126.

Immunization Forms

Immunization forms must be completed and received in Student Health Services prior to the start of classes! Failure to do so will result in an immunization hold inhibiting grade accessibility and final transcript requests. The immunization hold will remain on the student account until all the required documentation is submitted to Student Health Services.

College immunization requirements apply to:

1) All full-time students (12 credits or more) matriculating into a credit or clock hour program.

2) All full-time and part-time Health Professions students.

3) All full-time and part-time students on a student or other visa, including foreign students attending or visiting classes as part of a formal academic visitation exchange program.

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