Step 1: Complete an Application Packet

  • Get and complete the entire application packet. The application packet can be mailed to you by completing a Request Information Form, or calling 781-477-2185 or (978)762-5559. You may also download it here.
  • Prepare your written answers to the 3 essay questions; both handwritten and typed responses will be accepted.
  • Complete the Consent to Release Confidential Information Form, sign it, and, if you are under the age of 18, have your parent or guardian sign it, as well.
  • Take the School District Information Form to the last school attended, and request that a school representative fill out and sign it. Request a copy of your HS Transcript, Standardized test scores, and IEP/504 Plan (if applicable).

Download the Gateway to College Application Packet


Step 2: Attend an information Session Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes early and bring all your application materials to the Information Session. These include your application packet, your essays, your transcripts, and your completed School District Information Form. You should also bring a pen and some paper to take notes, and perhaps a list of questions you might have ahead of time. At the Information Session, you will:

  • Learn more about the structure, requirements, and benefits of the program.
  • Have a chance to ask questions about the program.
  • Have your initial application materials reviewed to make sure you meet all basic eligibility requirements.
  • Meet key Gateway to College staff members.


Step 3: Complete College Placement Tests Placement tests are scheduled by referral at Info Session

Please Note: If you are unable to make it to one of the group testing dates above, you must call to schedule an individual appointment at either campus. Tests are also given on a walk-in basis. For more information and office hours, visit the Center for Alternative Studies and Educational Testing web page.


Step 4: Participate in a Personal Interview

  • Once you have completed all of the required assessments, you will be scheduled for an individual interview.
  • Your interview will be one-on-one with a Gateway to College staff member, and will allow you to discuss any questions you have about the program. This is our chance to get to know you in an individual setting and learn more about your strengths and your motivation.
  • Interviews will typically be about half an hour long but can be longer.


Step 5: Student Selection Committee Review

The Student Selection Committee will review all applications for the program. This is a competitive process, and acceptance to the program is not guaranteed. The Student Selection Committee will be evaluating applicants based on the following factors:

  • Meets all the eligibility requirements.
  • Application is complete, and all application materials were turned in by the date of the interview.
  • Achieves the minimum standard scores on all course placement.
  • Completes the Individual Interview.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to completing the Gateway to College program.

You will be notified by letter of the Student Selection Committee s decision. If you are accepted, you will also receive an invitation to attend the New Student Orientation, during which you will get your class schedule, learn about program policies, expectations, and procedures, meet your counselor, receive information about books, go on a campus tour, and learn about North Shore Community College and Gateway policies. Please note that New Student Orientation attendance and participation is mandatory! If you are unable to participate in the Orientation you may be waitlisted for the following term.

Good luck and thank you for your interest in the Gateway to College Program!

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