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Financial Aid FAQs

Do I need to waive my health insurance every semester?

Yes. If you are enrolled in nine (9) credits or more and have your own, comparable, health insurance, you must complete a waiver in the fall and spring terms.

Can I budget the cost of health insurance in the NSCC Installment Plan?

No. The entire health insurance premium must be paid prior to the start of classes. The monies that are collected for insurance must be turned over to the insurance company immediately.

If a waiver indicates that it will waive the cost of tuition, are there any fees that I must pay?

Generally the waivers will cover only the cost of tuition.

If a class is canceled by NSCC, or if I withdraw during the refund period, will I automatically receive a refund?

If your account has been paid in full you will automatically be issued a refund. If you paid by check or credit card, a check refund will be mailed directly to your home. If you paid by credit card via the web, a credit will be issued to your credit. card. Refunds are not issued until the add/drop period is over. It may take several weeks to receive your refund.

If I stop attending class, or tell the instructor that I am dropping out, will I be withdrawn?

No. You must drop your class via the Campus Pipeline or come to the Registrar's Office to complete the appropriate paperwork.

If I have am entitled to a waiver how do I receive it?

There are several waivers that you may be eligible to receive (you must be matriculated into a degree or certificate program in every case). Listed below are just a few:

  • SENIOR CITIZENS TUITION WAIVER - This waiver covers the tuition portion of the bill only for those students who are at least 60 years of age. The student is responsible for the fee portion of the bill. Senior Citizen Waivers are available in the Student Accounts Office. You must present documentation regarding your date of birth.
  • STATE EMPLOYEE TUITION WAIVER - This waiver covers 100% of the cost of credit tuition and 50% of the cost of noncredit tuition. The cost of the fees remains the student's responsibility. These waivers must be obtained from your Human Resources Dept.
  • VETERAN'S TUITION WAIVERS - There are several types of Veterans Waivers. These waivers cover 100% of the tuition cost. The student is responsible to pay the fees. Please contact our Veterans Agent in the Registrar's Office at the Danvers Campus.

If you have any questions regarding waivers not listed, please call (978) 762-4189 or (781) 477-2191.

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