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North Shore Community College
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NSCC Refund Policies

Refund Deadlines for Summer 2014

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Refund Deadlines for Fall 2014

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Student Alerts

Students are responsible for withdrawing from courses they do not do not attend.
Students who stop attending classes—but do not withdraw—are still responsible for payment.

Refund Methods

  • Refunds for credit card payments made by phone or mail will be issued by checks.
  • Refunds for Pipeline credit card payments will be applied to the card they were charged on.

Refund Limitations

  • Students will be refunded only that portion of the tuition and fees paid by them; financial aid and other contracted agency payments will be refunded directly to the paying party.
  • Students receiving financial aid: Students who totally withdraw or stop attending all of their classes before completing 60% of the semester will earn a prorated portion of their financial aid. For example, if you withdraw after completing 30% of the semester, you will earn or receive 30% of your financial aid package.
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