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North Shore Community College
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NSCC Refund Policies

North Shore Community College will refund your tuition and fees up to a certain point in your program. Please review the refund deadlines listed for the current semester. Students are responsible for withdrawing from the courses they do not attend or stop attending through their Pipeline account. Students who stop attending classes or do not attend, but do not withdraw by the end of the add/drop period will be responsible for paying for their courses.

When you do withdraw from your courses or make a change to your enrollment that results in a refund; NSCC will return your funds back to your credit card if you paid through your Pipeline account with it. Payments that are made over the phone or by mail with a credit card will be issued a check.

For students with financial aid and/or outside agency payments, we will review your account upon withdrawing to see if your financial aid will need to be returned or if you can keep a portion of it. We will also refund any other agencies directly that has made a payment on your behalf. Please review the Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy for more information on how your financial aid is calculated.

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