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Payment Options

The Winter/Spring 2017 payment is due at the time of registration.

Winter/Spring 2017 payment due date was December 8, 2016. Students who register for credit courses for the term are required to choose one of the following payment options AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION.

If you decide not to attend or cannot act on a payment option listed below, you must withdrew your class(es) through your Campus Pipeline account by the published refund deadline. Please be sure to check our Refund Policy page for details. Students who fail to withdrew their courses by the deadline will be responsible for the balance due.

All non-credit course payments are due at the time of registration.

Payment in full

Please use your Campus Pipeline account to make payments by check or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. It's easy and secure:

   Step 1: Log into your Pipeline account.
   Step 2: Select the school Services Tab at the top.
   Step 3: Select Account Inquiry and Payment Options.
   Step 4: Select Make a Payment to pay by check or credit card.

NSCC Payment Plans

Sign up for the NSCC Payment Plan through your Campus Pipeline account.

  • Beginning December 20, 2016, pay 50% of the total balance at the time of registration. This plan ends January 23, 2016

All plans require a non-refundable $40.00 payment plan fee at the time you sign up and make your first payment.

Note: Student health insurance fee and MassPirg fee cannot be included into payment plan. Students must either submit waivers or pay in full by the bill due date

Aviation flight training fees cannot be included into payment plans either. Aviation students must be financially clear up front for the flight training costs.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid recipients must check their Campus Pipeline account and submit any additional information requested at the time of their registration.

Students who complete the financial aid process will receive an award letter that shows the types and amount of aid awarded. Please review your award carefully to make sure it will cover all of your charges.

Third Party Payments

Students working with a third party that is willing to pay their costs to attend must submit a letter of intent or purchase order from their employer or other organization, e.g. Mass Rehab or Workman's Compensation.

The approved paperwork must be received by Student Financial Services prior to registering for classes or at the time of registration to prevent your courses from being dropped in addition to receiving late fees.


Please make sure these steps are completed upon registering for your classes. If you take action after the deadlines or fail to take the necessary steps you may be dropped from your courses and/or assessed a late fee of $50.

We strongly encourage you to review your account detail through your Campus Pipeline regularly. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Financial Services Office for guidance.

*If your classes are dropped, because you did not make arrangements as outlined above, NSCC cannot guarantee readmission into the classes, sections or professional program in which you were originally enrolled.

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