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Student Financial Services

Financial Aid Application Process

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the only application you need to complete in order for us to determine your federal and state aid eligibility. For more information about the Federal Student aid, please visit www.studentaid.gov. Our Office will be able to guide you through the process too. The application needs to be completed each year if you are interested in receiving financial aid. Here are the steps you will need to take in order to be awarded financial aid.

STEP 1: Get your PIN

The PIN is a four digit number of your choice that is used to electronically sign and access your information on the federal aid websites. You should not give out your PIN as this will allow someone else to access your personal information. You will need your PIN to complete the FAFSA each year. The website to create a pin or re-establish one is www.pin.ed.gov.

STEP 2: Complete the FAFSA

The FAFSA is the application you need to complete to apply for federal and state financial aid each year. There is no charge to complete the form. Our school code is 002173. Adding our school code will send your information directly to the school. The website to complete the form is www.fafsa.gov.

STEP 3: Review your Student Aid Report (SAR)

The Student Aid Report is the summary of the information you put on the FAFSA form. This will be sent to your email address if you included one on the FAFSA. If you did not provide an email it will mailed to the address on the form.

Please take a minute to review the form. Please contact our office if you find any incorrect information on the SAR.

STEP 4: Check Your Pipeline Account

Your Pipeline account has a lot of important information. For financial aid, it lists any missing documents, your financial aid award and your current financial aid status. It is your responsibility to provide us with documentation in a timely fashion as this may delay your financial aid award.

You should review your Pipeline and NSCC email account often even through the school year. This is how we communicate to all students.

STEP 5: Financial Aid Award

You should receive a financial aid award letter in about 3 to 4 weeks after completing the FAFSA form and you have provided us with any additional documentation. The financial aid award letter will list the aid that you are eligible for based on the information from the FAFSA.

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