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Family Development Training and Credentialing Program

"Before FDC I was afraid to speak in public. Now I facilitate a Nurturing Families Group every week as part of my job. FDC taught me that I can be a leader."
-Former FDC student

FDC General Information

The Family Development Training and Credentialing (FDC) program provides frontline human service workers with the skills and competencies to support families and individuals in a shared-power working partnership. The program supports those who work with families striving to attain healthy self-reliance and interdependence with their communities. Working with a "shared power" belief system asks the worker to invite the family to embrace the process of setting their own goals and developing steps to reach them with the FDC worker assuming the role of facilitator.

The program builds on underlying principles of empowerment and family support. It recognizes that people need more than temporary relief from a crisis and that prevention based in the motivation for freedom, self respect, hope, and the chance to make an important contribution must be honored.

Skills and Competencies covered in the FDC curriculum include:

  • Family Development: A Sustainable Route to Healthy Self Reliance
  • Worker Self-Empowerment
  • Building Mutually Respectful Relationships with Families
  • Communication
  • Cultural Competence
  • On-going Assessment
  • Home Visiting
  • Helping Families Access Specialized Services
  • Facilitating Family Conferences, Support Groups and Community Meetings
  • Collaboration

North Shore Community College Offers the Family Development Credential for college credit through two-three credit courses: HUS120 Family Development 1 and HUS122 Family Development 2. Students complete a portfolio as part of the course and take a national credentialing test.

For more information about the FDC program, please contact the Coordinator, Cindy O'Donnell, MSW at (978) 762-4000 ext.2153 or codonnel@northshore.edu.

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