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Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Andrea Dodge

Andrea Dodge
Department of Natural Science
Danvers DS203

Boston University: Ph.D.
California State University: M.S.
Ithaca College: B.S.

Andrea Dodge

Associate Professor
Natural Science

Semester after semester Andrea Dodge noticed a common thread among her Human Anatomy and Physiology students. "With limited lab time students find it difficult to master the microscopy portion of lab," says Andrea. But now limited lab time may be a problem of the past, thanks to new course materials she has developed. Using funds made available through a Technology Across the Curriculum grant, Andrea created an online histology atlas for use in her courses. Andrea explains, "The online guide provides students access to the same lab materials used in the lab, outside of lab period."

"The guide is available on my ANGEL [course] site and permit students to review the laboratory materials outside of their designated lab period. Students have the opportunity to review the online labeled microscope slides as often as they need and from anywhere that they have access to a computer." The online guide has freed class time for more interactive learning and improved learning outcomes by increasing accessibility of course resources.

The histology atlas was used during the Summer and Fall semesters of 2009, and according to Andrea has been a valuable resource for her Anatomy and Physiology I students. "Tracking the usage of the online materials has demonstrated that students routinely used the materials. Preliminary data indicate that students' lab practical grades were higher in classes in which the guide was available."

"This project enable[s] me to offer my students a support system that reaches them outside of the classroom, so that they can be successful in the classroom. I am particularly excited about the online self assessments that include not only the typical multiple choice questions, but also detailed figures to be labeled."


After receiving her PhD from Boston University, Andrea worked at Children's Hospital of Boston in the Surgical Research department. She took some time off to have a family and began teaching nights at NSCC. She has been a full-time faculty member for seven years. "The mix of students at NSCC is really great. I can teach the same course two semesters in a row and it's always something different. I love it!"

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