Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the official voice of the student body. The Association encourages self-government, promotes responsibility, loyalty, and cooperation among students, faculty, and the administration. Meetings are open to all students and are held biweekly. The Student Government Executive Board consists of a President, Vice President, Student Trustee and Vice Presidents of Communications, Finance, Academics, Programming and Culture/Inclusion. Membership includes Assistant Vice Presidents selected from the Student Association (all registered NSCC students) and club representatives (all recognized student clubs).

For more information, contact Brian Falter at 978-762-4000 x6220 or


Program Council

Program Council plans and coordinates a variety of social, cultural and entertainment programs for the entire college community. Students are provided opportunities to learn more about budgets, advertising and agents. Past activities have include Laser Tag, Bruins/Red Sox Tickets and Theme Festivals.

For more information, contact Brian Falter at 978-762-4000 x6220 or


Academic Clubs

Alpha Eta Rho

This is the Aviation Club. Advisor(s): Alexa Singer,978-762-4000 x5592 or


Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club heightens awareness of students interested in careers in Law, Law Enforcement, Corrections and related fields. In addition the club provides an informal support group and enhances course work studies. Events include exhibitions, demonstrations and speakers.

Advisor(s): Ann Koshivas Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice DB367c 978-762-4000 x5418



Collegiate DECA holds the mission that marketing, management, and entrepreneurship education is to enable students to understand and apply marketing, management, and entrepreneurial principles; to make rational economic decisions, and to exhibit social responsibility in a global economy. DECA works with interested students to join this national organization and participate in competitions and challenges to develop a knowledge base for real world opportunities.

Advisor: Luciano Sappia, 978-762-4000 x5566,


Delta Alpha Pi

Delta Alpha Pi (DAPi) is a free, international honor society comprised of students who want to grow as leaders and make a difference in their communities. DAPi members collaborate with other high-achieving students to create activities, publications, and events that shape NSCC into a more welcoming place for all students. Members utilize the academic and leadership skills they developed by excelling in college with hidden or visible disabilities. Membership is by invitation only with the following prerequisites being met: completion of 24 college-level credits and a GPA of 3.1 or more.

Advisor: Kendalle Jones, Phone: 781-593-6722 x4461; Email:


Economics & Finance Club

The members of the Economics and Finance Club will consist of all students enrolled or interested in economic, finance, and business classes. The club will provide professional enrichment experiences for its members.

Advisor(s): Moonsu Han, 978-762-4000 x5456 or


Financial Accounting and Investments

The purpose of the Financial Accounting and Investments Club will be the familiarization with the "generally accepted accounting principles," analyzation of financial documents, problem solving, and discussion of current events including investing ideas and trends.

Advisor(s): Ulises Arcos-Castrejon, 978-762-4000 x5456 or


Food Science Club

The Food Science Club was developed to help keep students interested in Food Science and Nutrition, aware of recent development in the Food Sciences and to help them in their career search or continuance of their education. Students enrolled in the "Food Science and Safety" or "Nutritional Science and Diet Technology" programs at NSCC are eligible to be members. The club also welcomes anyone who may have an interest in a safe and nutritious food supply.

Advisor(s): TBD


La Pomme y Naranjias (french/ spanish club)

This club helps students further their education on learning a second language by creating dialectic between the vast cultures of students who attend North Shore Community College. All are welcome to join and there is no requirement of knowledge of a second language.

Advisor(s): Irene Fernandez, 781-593-6722 x5442 or


Nursing Freshman

Advisor(s): Linda Goodale, 978-762-4000 x6665 or


Nursing Sophomore

Advisor(s): Mary McKenna, and Annette Nardone,


Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

PTK is a national honor society for students at two-year colleges who exhibit an outstanding academic performance throughout each semester. Membership is by invitation to NSCC students in a degree program with a minimum of 12 credits and a college grade point average of 3.7. Eligible students pay an initial lifetime membership fee. This one time fee may vary from year to year. NSCC is affiliated with the nationwide organization through its own chapter, Alpha Lambda Kappa.

Advisor(s): Fred Altieri, DB367H, 978-762-4000 x5556


Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Club is open to all students enrolled in both classes of Physical Therapist Assistant Program. The club will promote effective communication between and among students and faculty and recognize individual achievements of its members. They will also identify and participate in a health professions community service project.

Advisor(s): Diane Caruso, 978-762-4000 x4109 or


Practical Nursing

Advisor(s): Donna Newhall, 978-762-4000 x4206 or


Pre-Med Club

The Pre-Med Club provides an opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers in the field of health science, including but not limited to Medicine, Optometry, Dentistry, Chiropractics, Naturopathy, Podiatry, Veterinary Medicine, and Biomedical Research. Club membership gives you an opportunity to receive information about the fields, including required course work, the application process, and licensing. The club also provides you with an opportunity to attend conferences on your chosen field and share ideas and information with fellow students.

Advisor(s): Ray Parker, 978-762-4000 x6683 or



Membership is limited to Occupational Therapy Assistant (SOTA) students. Purpose of the SOTA Club is to increase social and professional contacts in the field. Fundraisers help sponsor field trips to professional conferences and lectures. Meetings are held on a monthly basis.

Advisor(s): Mary Malone, Professor of Occupational Therapy,



Promotes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics on campus and the community. Aid students in these careers as they prepare for the transition from NSCC to a four year college or career. Raises funds to support students that are in need of financial assistance pursuing the mentioned career fields. Discusses about types of careers, majors, schools, internships, volunteer, and job opportunities. Advisor: Jane Gardner Email:

Advisor: Kehinde Ikuomenisan Email:


Student Art Club

Advisor(s): James Chisholm, 978-762-4000 x5548 or

Special Interest Clubs

Anime Club

Anime Club's purpose is to create a social network club for fans of anime and Otaku. We want to provide students with a place to express their unique interests in a welcoming environment free of criticism, as well as a place for students to express their unique individuality through various projects we plan to accomplish.

Advisor: TBD


Chess Club

The Chess Club seeks to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie by exploring the culture that surrounds the game of chess. The club invites all students to join us for a friendly, and sometimes competitive, game. All skill levels are welcome. If you don't know how to play, we will teach you. It's your move!

Advisor: William Jackson, Phone: 781-593-6722 x5579; Email:


Debate Club

Debate club seeks to: support each other as well as our sister clubs in debating techniques, morals, and ethics; create and schedule activities both within and outside of our member base, engage our members with both online and offline debates and assignments, form a bridge between our members and professors with debate related ideas both in and out of the classroom; utilize both Facebook and Angel to communicate with our members in-between our scheduled meeting times; and offer opportunities to our members as volunteer debate judges with organizations such as the Boston Debate League. All welcome!

Advisor: Yusef Hayes, Phone: 781-593-6722 x5414; Email:


The Engineering Club

The Engineering Club focuses on how fun, fulfilling, rewarding and even cool engineering can be. Our club is a student organization that consists of engineering students or anyone who is interested in engineering. Previous years activities included tours of four year colleges, guest engineers, and school-wide engineering competitions (one per semester) in order to share the "fun" of engineering with the NSCC community. The club is more than just specific activities, but a place where students can come and interact with their peers in a non-classroom environment. The ultimate goal of the club is to make friends and have fun with fellow students while being exposed to the different aspects of studying engineering in college.

Advisor: Mary Beth Steigerwald Phone: 781-593-6722 x6650


Environmental Club

The NSCC Environmental Club offers students a unique forum where they can focus on issues relating to the environment and sustainability. The emphasis is on education and activism leading to solutions on the college campus and beyond. The club meets biweekly in an informal, friendly, and moderated setting. It provides opportunities for inspired students to share ideas and formulate action plans on topics ranging from greening the college campus to politics, science, education, environmental ethics, and anything else relevant to environmentalism and promoting a just and sustainable society. Club members will have the chance to learn and practice methods of democratic citizenship as they advocate individually and collectively for policies and actions that are earth-friendly and ethically based. One of the main goals of the Environmental Club is to educate NSCC students and the college at large in the practices of sustainable living, with the ultimate goal of creating a culture of sustainability on NSCC campuses that will serve as a model for other schools and our local communities. You can also find the Environmental Club on Facebook

Advisors: Joseph Modugno (Lynn) & Jessica Burt - (Danvers)


Film Club

The purpose of the film club is to provide a place for students to gather and share their love of the movies. The club focuses on how entertaining, stimulating, enriching, and just plain cool this most modern of art forms can be. The members themselves choose activities, which include on-campus screenings with refreshments, field trips to historic theaters, special events, and always lively discussion. In the process, students make new friends and discover new films while exposing themselves to a wide variety of opinions.

Advisor: John Zamparelli Phone: 781-593-6722 Ext. 6239 Email:


Gamers Club

Gamers club seeks to bring parts of the student body together through a unified interest in playing games. For the purpose of this club games will include but not be limited to: Video games, Table top games, Party games, and Lawn games.

Advisor: Fredrick Miranda Phone: 781-593-6722 x2139 Email:


Health and Wellness Club

Health & wellness purpose is aiming to bring balance into the lives of those in our community. We hope to do this through sharing different practices and exploring ways to change ones life for the better. By being well, thinking well, eating well and living well we are able to live a wholesome lifestyle, thus creating a healthy, balanced atmosphere. The NSCC Students For Wellness club strives to share various(*/diverse) practices of healthy living, with the ultimate goal of creating a healthy environment.

Advisors: Brianne Duff Phone: 781-593-6722 Ext. 5468 Email: Sherri McNeilly Phone: 978-762-4000 x5535 Email:


Multi-Cultural Society (MCS)

MCS celebrates heritage, ethnicity, language, nationality, and diversity at North Shore Community College. We strive for understanding and respect by working together, sharing ideas, and learning from each other. Join us to plan, sponsor, and support activities that express and affirm our multicultural experiences.

Advisor: Esperanza Herrera, Phone: 978-762-4000 Ext. 6274 Vanessa Bates Phone: 781-593-6722 x6643 Email:


Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Asalam Alycome (Peace be with you)! The Muslim Student Association is a student organization striving to help Muslim Students better their religious activities as a complete way of life, mobilize against injustice and oppression, increase Islamic awareness, and clear up misconceptions through education and understanding. Advisor: Yusef Hayes Phone: 978-762-4000 Ext. 5414 Email:


Performing Arts Council

The Performing Arts Council is a student club that provides a wide array of creative opportunities for the entire college community. The PAC fosters individuality, and all of our members are encouraged to discover their artistic voice in a supportive environment. Anyone can become involved with the PAC. Current students, alumni, NSCC staff, faculty and community members are all welcome - with students receiving particular favor. In addition to producing main-stage productions, PAC sponsors ongoing performance arts events on and off-campus. Individual participation can be as simple as attending a PAC sponsored event or as involved as planning a full semester of artistic opportunities.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Engagement at 781-593-6722 x2164 or


Philosophy Club

The NSCC Philosophy Club offers students a unique forum where they can discuss the deep, nagging questions they've been asking themselves. The club meets weekly in an informal, friendly, and moderated environment; it's a place where you can listen to the arguments and constructive criticism of some of your most thoughtful peers on subjects ranging from politics, morality, religion, science, activism, and anything else that comes to mind. However, Philosophy Club is not only for the most knowledgeable about academic philosophy; rather, it is a place for everyone to discuss useful ideas and to explore philosophical reflection as a life-transforming discipline.

Advisor: Fred Altieri, Phone: 978-762-4000 x5556 Email:


Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)

The Queer Straight Alliance's club membership is composed of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and straight allied North Shore Community College students. The Queer Straight Alliance is designed for members interested in social change through GLBTQ education and resources at North Shore Community College.

Advisors: Walter Stone Phone: 781-593-6722 x6292 Email: Anne Tabet Phone: 978-762-4000 x5536 Email:


Surfriders Club

The purpose and function of NSCC Surfriders Club is to promote the activity of surf riding, with all of the social, intellectual and physical benefits inherent in the pursuit of the activity, as well as promoting student and faculty participation in the greater community through the medium and culture of surf riding, stewardship of the oceans natural resources in the college and surrounding community, and a greater understanding and tolerance of diverse cultures.

Advisor: Sean Hanlon Instructor of English, Danvers B367E Phone: (978)739-5467


Veterans Club

The purpose of the veterans club is to provide support and promote unity among the present and former members of the United States Military and National Guard, and their dependents. This diverse group of students will be provided with information regarding their military benefits and programs which support them, and a vehicle for advocacy of their rights and support of their educational and career pursuits. For more information or to sign up please visit the Veterans Club page.

Advisor: Mike Monagle, Veterans and Military Credit, Phone: 978-739-5539 Advisor: Kristine Babcock, Phone: 978-762-4000 x4187


Women in Transition

For more information or to sign up please visit the Women in Transition page.

Advisor: Margaret Figgins-Hill, Phone: 781-593-6722 Ext. 5515 Email:


Youth Group United

The Youth Group United is a club that offers support and guidance at all times for students. Leadership is one of the most important components of this club. The students of this club work in unity to perform through Biblical references. Testimonies from other students are always welcome to teach others about their life experiences. The members of this club get together with fellowship, to motivate one another to succeed as a team at NSCC.

Advisor: Alexandra Reinoso, Phone: 978-762-4000 Ext. 6676.

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