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Online Course Orientations

Online Course Orientations

Your orientation to ANGEL and information about the orientation to your specific online course are available in the ANGEL system.

In addition to completing your orientation(s), you should make sure your browser is set up to work with ANGEL. Instructions can be found here.

To access your orientation:

  1. Log into Pipeline, then click the ANGEL icon on the top right.
    ANGEL icon

    Or go directly to the ANGEL site.

  2. Log into ANGEL using your Pipeline username and password. If you don't have a Pipeline account, use orientation as username and guest as password.

  3. Click the View Course Orientations link in the ANGEL site.
    Orientation Nugget

  4. Be sure to complete the Orientation to ANGEL (if you've never taken an online course using ANGEL).
    ANGEL orientation link

  5. Each online course also has its own orientation, either online or on-campus. To view the orientation information for your course, click the Course Orientations for the appropriate semester.

  6. Scroll through the listing of courses, and click the hyperlink for your course.

Need help? If you need assistance, contact the ANGEL Helpdesk at angel@northshore.edu.

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