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North Shore Community College

Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society (DAPi)

DAPi is a free honor society that unites high-achieving students to advance their leadership skills and educate the community about the scholarly contributions of students with disabilities.

Qualified students attend an orientation to establish their membership and participate in leadership activities each semester. At meetings during the academic year, members engage in discussions, make decisions, create events, and form a network of supportive peers.

DAPi is in its fifth year at North Shore Community College and is growing as an award-winning and influential group on campus. There are nearly 100 chapters of the honor society across the U.S. at public and private colleges and universities.


Who Can Join?

Current NSCC students who have earned 24 or more college-level credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.1 or higher are eligible to join DAPi. Students must also have an interest in leadership and a disability documented through Disability Services at NSCC. Qualified students are invited to join at the start of each fall and spring semester.


Why Join DAPi?

Gaining concrete leadership experience is just one of the benefits of Delta Alpha Pi membership. Members value the lasting friendships and working relationships they develop, the recognition they earn as leaders and role models, and the chance to produce events and innovative publications that reshape perceptions of disabilities. Belonging to an international honor society can enhance students’ credentials as well.

Here are some statistics based on 2015 member feedback:

  • 80% of survey respondents said that they gained professionally valuable experience through their participation in DAPi.
  • 93% of survey respondents said that DAPi helped them connect with other students.
  • 100% of survey respondents said they would recommend DAPi to other students.

And some recent comments from members:

  • "I really enjoyed my time in DAPi this year. I got to use my skills and work with other people in a way I never would have without this opportunity.
  • "DAPi is a way to flex some leadership muscles and is a motivator for high GPAs. It’s also a great way to meet people who understand the unique college experience of a person with a disability."
  • "I loved being in DAPi so much. I made good friends and the adviser was such a powerful presence in my life."
  • "I decided to join DAPi because I felt honored that I was invited. I enjoy supporting others who have proven that they are making good grades too, regardless of their disability. I also enjoy the rewards from helping, such as tutoring kids and seeing the benefits. Being in DAPi gives a boost in self-confidence.
  • "DAPi is literally my favorite part of being a college student!"


Aillie McKeever, M.F.A.
Delta Alpha Pi Adviser
Disability Services, DH-168
Phone: (978) 762-4000 x4461
Email: aillie.mckeever@northshore.edu

DAPi students

DAPi students

DAPi students

DAPi students

DAPi students

DAPi students

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