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Disability Services

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Welcome to Disability Services

Disability Services works one-on-one with students to review documentation and accommodation requests. We assist with the implementation of accommodations and provide guidance to students with disabilities. We also serve as a resource to faculty and staff. We are located in DH 160 in Danvers and LW 121 in Lynn.


Disability Services Packets

Requesting accommodations involves several steps, so we urge you to start this process early:

  • Print, complete, and submit the appropriate Disability Services Packet or Packets
  • Schedule and attend an intake appointment
  • Receive your Disability Team Decision Letter
  • Activate your approved accommodations


If you are a new student

If you have a diagnosis of low vision, blindness, dyslexia, or an upper mobility disability, you may be eligible to take the CPT Companion Version or use Assistive Technology on the CPT. If you meet the requirements, submit your completed Disability Services Packet(s) and contact Disability Services to request a CPT accommodation. Extended test time cannot be requested for the CPT, as the Reading and Math sections are untimed and the Writing section has built-in extended test time.

You must receive an acceptance letter to NSCC, take the CPT, and register for courses before scheduling your intake appointment.


If you are a current or returning student

You may request accommodations at any point during the semester, but it is most useful to request accommodations several weeks before the semester begins.


Mission Statement

The mission of North Shore Community College's Disability Services Department is to cultivate an optimal educational environment for students with disabilities while complying with the spirit of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. Our goal is to engage in an ongoing partnership with students. Through this collaboration, Disability Services fosters self-awareness, self-advocacy, and ultimately the personal responsibility and independence that are essential for long-term academic success.

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