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Need help with Blackboard Learn, online or hybrid courses? Contact us at bbhelp@northshore.edu.

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Online/Hybrid Learning

Classroom Learning

People often think that Instructional Technology and Design focuses solely on online and hybrid courses. However, we also support a variety of technology that enhances classroom learning in the face-to-face environment. Listed below you will find a variety of resources that will help support your classroom work.

Atomic Learning
Is your instructor using a technology that is new to you? Looking for some resources to help you learn how to use it? Check out Atomic Learning for 24/7 access to 50,000+ step-by-step video tutorials on over 250 software applications and technology tools, including the Microsoft Office suite, Blackboard Learn, Google Docs, Dreamweaver and other Adobe products, Mac and Windows operating systems, iDevices, and Web 2.0 tools such as Prezi, Twitter, and Facebook.

Blackboard Learn
Many faculty use Blackboard Learn to support and supplement the face-to-face classroom learning experience. In Blackboard Learn, faculty may post announcements; upload various types of content such as assignments, readings, lecture notes, or PowerPoint slides; or link to related online resources such as YouTube videos or web sites. Faculty might also ask students to submit homework and other assignments; participate in online discussions to engage with the course materials; or take quizzes and tests in Blackboard Learn. To learn more, check out our resources on Blackboard Learn.

Google Apps
Google has several apps including Docs, Slides, and Sheets that are free to use and can be used in place of other costly software programs. With Google Docs, students can easily create documents such as essays, research papers, etc. With Google Slides, students can create visual presentations to compliment their presentations. With Google Sheets, students can create and manipulate spreadsheets. All of these applications can be accessed via Google Drive.

All students currently enrolled in NSCC classes are eligible for free copies of Microsoft Office 365. Follow this link to the NSCC web store. There you can download MS Office 365 and receive a registration code good for five installations on PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

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