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Skype: Best Practices

  • Go to www.skype.com
  • Download the software on your laptop
  • Create an account.
  • Alternatively, pick up a laptop from Media Services with Skype already loaded on it.
  • Know your Skype caller user name and place in your "contacts"
  • Be sure your Skype caller knows your user name and places in his/her contacts
  • Test in the classroom in advance of your session:
    • Place your laptop on the lectern in the front of the classroom.
    • Connect the VGA cable that is hanging loose on the top of the lectern into your laptop.
    • Connect the audio cable that is with the VGA cable to the headphone jack on your laptop.
    • Turn on your PC.
    • Click on the Skype icon on the desktop
    • Put in your user name
    • Put in your password
    • Under home, click on contacts
    • Click on the contact of the person to whom you'd like to connect.
    • Alternatively, search the Skype Directory with the user name of the person you’d like to whom you’d like to speak.
    • For audio, be sure the audio setting are set as follows: "Tools" then "Options" then "Audio Settings" then "Communication Headphones"

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