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Best Practices and Tips for Classroom Use

Here are some best practices to be remembered when you’re in the classroom using clickers:

Before Class Begins:

  1. When walking into the room with the clickers, place them in a convenient location in the room (front or back) in order that students can easily choose a clicker. This eliminates the need to pass clickers out, which can be time consuming.
  2. Next turn on the computer (or set up your laptop) and turn on the projector in the room. This allows you to be ready when class begins.
  3. Move your Turning Point slide file onto the desktop in the classroom.
  4. Open the Turning Point icon on the desktop of your computer (or laptop) by double-clicking.
  5. Once Turning Point is open, click on the type of polling that you’re using (PowerPoint or Anywhere).
  6. If you don’t want your students to see any of the information on your file, press an alternative button such as video on the control panel (located on the lectern or wall in the room). Remember to press the PC or Laptop button on the control panel when you’re ready to display.
  7. Insert the clicker receiver, located in a sleeve in the top of the carrying case, into a USB port on the computer, laptop, or monitor.

During Class:

  1. Ask each student if he/she has a clicker.
  2. To ensure that each student is on the correct channel, ask the students to press "channel", then "41" and then "enter" (enter is located in the middle of all of the arrow keys on the clicker).
  3. Hit the "reset" button on the ribbon to begin a new session
  4. Be sure to go to full screen view (it's under the Slide Show tab and then "from the beginning").
  5. As you move forward to each slide, polling should open. To force polling open in PowerPoint polling, click on the repoll icon on the showbar.
  6. When finished with your session, unplug the clicker receiver and press "save session" on the ribbon. Make sure that when you save your session that you save it to your flash drive or laptop, as the classroom computer will not save the session.

After Class Ends:

  1. Have students return their clickers to the clicker case.
  2. Remove the receiver from the USB port of the computer, laptop, or monitor and return it to its sleeve in the top of the case.
  3. Ensure that all clickers and the receiver has been accounted for before securing the carrying case.
  4. Return the clickers.

Please contact Dave Houle at dhoule@northshore.edu or extension 5530 with any questions or concerns.

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