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Academic Assessment

The CTLI's Assessment office offers faculty a variety of assessment projects and activities to inform decision-making and improve students' learning and development. Collaborations may investigate the relative success of an individual project, conduct a departmental self-study or even evaluate learning outcomes campus-wide.

NSCC just completed participation in Refinement Year of the Multi-State Collaborative Assessment pilot of Written Communication, Quantitative Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Civic Engagement. The assessment was sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association and the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Our office:

  • Provides support to faculty members in planning and conducting assessment activities.
  • Conducts college-wide assessment of student learning outcomes.
  • Coordinates Self-Study of academic departments, programs and support services.
  • Supports accreditation activities.
  • Promotes best practices in academic assessment.
  • Provides support for research.

Assessment Assurance Policy

North Shore Community College’s Assessment Program will be

  • Easy to implement across disciplines and flexible while endorsing academic freedom;
  • Transparent with respect to goals and expectations;
  • Developmental, not punitive to individuals or programs;
  • Iterative and embedded in the curriculum;
  • Student outcome driven, addressing multiple contexts and variables;
  • Equally qualitative and quantitative; equally summative and formative;
  • Built upon prior assessment work;
  • Usable, generating data to:
    • enhance best practices of teaching;
    • guide student learning experience;
    • inform decision making and close the loop;
    • shared in aggregate form only;
  • Controlled by North Shore Community College complementing state-wide assessment.
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