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Learner Outcomes Assessment

Continuous Improvement of Student Learning is at the heart of our work with Learner Outcomes Assessment at North Shore Community College. This work is integral to the vibrancy of teaching and learning that goes on our campuses.

Graphic sowing cycle of assessment

Continuous Cycle of Learning Credited to Linda Suskie (2009) Assessing Student Learning.

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation offers the following support for Assessment:

  1. To coordinate and advise on the planning and implementation of assessment by academic units;
  2. To advise and cooperate with the General Education Committee in planning and carrying out assessment of NSCC’s general education programs;
  3. To lead campus involvement in the AAC&U Value Institute Multi-State Collaborative.

Questions about assessment? Contact: Cate Kaluzny, Senior Specialist in Learner Effectiveness and Civic Engagement at ckaluzny@northshore.edu.

Program Review

The Academic Program Review process is intended to assist each academic program or department to identify goals, examine strengths, identify areas of concern and ultimately to implement change which will be beneficial to both the program and the college as a whole.

Teams comprised of departmental and program faculty work in conjunction with the office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Assessment and the Program Review Support Team to examine evidence and recommend improvements.

Program Review participants engage in extensive professional development in the process on such topics as:

  • Program/Department Learner Outcomes Assessment
  • Using Data in Your Program Review
  • Writing and Presenting on Program Review Evidence

General Education Learner Outcomes Assessment

Ongoing assessment is a valuable process for determining whether general education is meeting its goals. From the results of assessment, important information is gained about how students benefit from general education and how program effectiveness can continue to be improved.

Assessment of the general education program includes the following:

  1. Regular review of general education courses to assess student performance relative to general education student learning outcomes
  2. Comprehensive program review for general education

To ensure continuous quality of the general education curriculum a complete program review is being conducted and will cycle programs thru every five years. The program review will look at course assessments and identify areas of strength as well as other areas of the program that could be improved, such as facilities, staffing, ratio of full to part-time faculty, class size, relationship to other programs, etc.
General Education Outcomes

Multi-Sate Collaborative

North Shore Community College was one of the participants of the pilot of the Multi-State Collaborative in 2014 and continues to be a part of this nation-wide assessment of student learning. Faculty participate in an artifact collection for written communication, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning as a part of this AAC&U VALUE Institute initiative.
2016-2017 Massachusetts State-Wide Findings of Multi-State Collaborative

Faculty Resources for Developing Learner Outcomes for Programs/Departments

Strategies for Developing Program/Department Learner Outcomes (Source: Pegi Maki)
Strategy One: Review Institutional Mission, Vision, Values (Master Academic Plan)
Strategy Two: Use General Education Outcomes as a Guide
Strategy Three: Draw From Professional Organizations Statements and Missions
Strategy Four: Collectively Review Student Work
Program /Department Learning Objective Checklist
Curriculum Maps
Worksheet on Means and Methods for Developing Assessment Strategies

Planning, Research, & Institutional Assessment

The office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Assessment provides support for Academic Assessment thru its support of classroom, program/department, and general education assessment. Contact Nicole Wade for more information at nwade@northshore.edu.

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