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North Shore Community College

Summit Goals

The CommUniverCity at Lynn Summit will serve as an opportunity to introduce the community to The CommUniverCity at Lynn and to begin the planning efforts for further collaboration. The Summit will bring together staff from The City of Lynn, Lynn Community Health Center, Lynn Public Schools, North Shore Community College, North Shore Workforce Investment Board, Salem State University, community based organizations, and local social service agencies to engage in conversations that further advance the "birth to career" systematic approach to designing education pathways and community partnerships. The Summit will provide a forum for these groups to learn from each other, address some of their questions with expert presentations, and move the CommUniverCity at Lynn concept forward through strong partnerships and a greater sense of collaboration.

Specifically, we have defined the following goals:

  1. To lay the groundwork for establishing a collective vision for The CommUniverCity at Lynn.
  2. To provide a forum where attendees can draw on creativity and group discussion to construct education pathways from Lynn schools to North Shore Community College to Salem State University and into sustainable careers.
  3. To provide a forum to discuss best practices to promote financial literacy and financial independence through greater access to social services and supports on the Lynn campus.
  4. To form stronger working partnerships and action steps to collaboratively advance affordable education pathways into the workforce and to effectively influence a lifetime of financial well-being for the students that enter these pathways.

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Patricia A. Gentile, President
North Shore Community College
Email: pgentile@northshore.edu
Phone: (978) 762-4250

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