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Alternative Studies Options

Credit by Evaluation
If you already have professional/life experience or licensure, you may be eligible to get credit for NSCC courses.
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Credit for Military Education and Training
The Center for Alternative Studies and Educational Testing (CAS) offers services to evaluate learning and help students earn academic credit for education and training gained during military service or in other professional arenas.
Learn more about Credit for Military Experience

Credit for Private Music Instruction
Music enthusiasts may apply to earn academic credit for private music lessons. This opportunity is offered through the collaboration of CAS, the Chopin Conservatory and the NSCC Division of Liberal Studies. Voice and piano are offered each semester to enhance theory and music appreciation classroom options. Other instruments are offered based upon requests/availability of instructors. For more information, download the terms of agreement form and contact us at (978) 762-4000 x6238 or cas@northshore.edu.

Contract Learning
Qualified students may propose independent study for non-catalog courses. Faculty supervisor and student discuss the feasibility of the specialized course and viability of a learning plan utilizing research, technology, volunteer, work and international settings. Contact us at (978) 762-4000 x6238 or cas@northshore.edu.

Directed Study
Qualified students may apply for faculty-supervised independent study for catalog courses. The program is designed to enable highly skilled students who meet eligibility criteria to study according to a learning plan. Faculty supervise, monitor and evaluate the individualized activities. For more information, contact us at (978) 762-4000 x6238 or cas@northshore.edu.

International Study
A variety of international study programs are available at NSCC. Please contact us at (978) 762-4000 x6238 or cas@northshore.edu.

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