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North Shore Community College

Career Services for Faculty/Staff

NSCC Career Services is committed to working with Faculty and Staff to ensure that students are provided with timely and comprehensive support.

Class Presentations and Workshops

The following workshops are available to be offered either in-class or on an as needed basis. This is just a sampling of what is available. Career Services staff are available to work with you to develop presentations and workshops that meet your needs.

Introduction to MassCIS
Students will receive a general overview of features of the "MassCIS" website. They will learn about conducting occupational research, setting up their own personal profile, and also what different assessments are available to them from the website.

Skills Assessment
The difference between hard skills and soft skills will be discussed along with a discussion on what types of skills the students possess. An assessment on skills they like to use will be administered to help students identify possible job matches based on skills they like to use.

Personality/ Career Fit
Students will receive an overview of the "Holland" code and what it is comprised of. Students will complete one of two assessments that to help them identify what their highest personality traits are and what career clusters and careers may be a good fit for them based on the assessment findings. Once the assessment is completed, the Facilitator will highlight key pieces of occupational data that will help students to be productive in their research. Students will be encouraged to think realistically about salary and the current trends in the economy when reviewing potential career paths.

Reality Check
This workshop supports students in thinking about their values and how it relates to their career choices. Initially, students will complete an assessment where they are encouraged to identity their most important values and how it relates to their career path. Students will determine a potential career from a list generated from the "Work Importance Locator" and then use they salary from their occupation to determine if their salary can match the budgeting needs as a self-supporting adult.

Refer a Student

If you would like to refer a student to Career Services Support please use the following contact information:

Career Counseling/Choosing a Program of Study
Arlene Hanson- Career Development Counselor
Danvers, Room DH-160
Phone: (978) 762-4000 x4065
Email: ahanson@northshore.edu

Career Placement
Lynn Marcus- Career Placement Coordinator
Lynn Campus Room LW-118
Phone: (781) 477-2167
Email: lmarcus@northshore.edu

Co-Operative Education/Internships
Visit the Co-Operative Education/Internships web page

Contact: Matthew Qualter
Phone: (978) 739-5511
Email: mqualter@northshore.edu

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