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Bridges to the STARS

Alumni Testimonial

Alumni Lucius Acholonu

"The Bridges To The STARS Program gave me the opportunity to decide what I was going to be in the future. It gave me the understanding of team work and how to work with people."

- Lucius Acholonu
   NSCC Class of 2004
   Northeastern Class of 2007

Alumni Crystal Russo

"Bridges to the STARS is a program that helps students focus on a challenging career while providing an understanding social network so that academic success can be achieved."

- Crystal Russo
   NSCC Class of 2007
   Transferred to UMASS Boston

About the Program

Bridges to the STARS is:

  • A program for first-year college students to explore degrees based in mathematics, science or technology
  • A supportive environment with other students interested in similar degrees
  • Academic, career and personal growth counseling
  • An opportunity for extensive career exploration
  • A comprehensive learning experience
  • A foundation for a technical degree or transfer into a 4 year college

To apply for the Program you must be:

  • A woman or a minority student in the first year of college
  • A first generation college student or a student with financial need
  • A MA resident and U.S. citizen, permanent resident or eligible non-citizen

To apply for the Program you must submit:

  • A GED or High School Diploma
  • An application for admissions to NSCC
  • A Financial Aid Application at NSCC (even if not eligible for aid)
  • An application for the Bridges to the STARS Program
  • A recommendation from a math or science teacher is recommended (or employer if out of school for a few years)


Course Schedule

During the Fall semester, students take:

  • SSC101 - College Success Seminar - This is where all the STARS get to know each other and learn the skills and attitudes that it takes to be a successful student and future tech worker.
  • CMP101 - Composition 1 OR COM012/014 College Reading 2 and College Writing 2
  • A Math or Science course appropriate to the student's placement
  • Elective courses chosen by the student to best complement their career goals

During the Spring semester, students take:

  • SCI901 - Technical Awareness and Career Exploration and continue in appropriate courses for each person's career goals

For more information contact:
Nancy Tufo, Academic Counselor and Program Coordinator,
LW121, 781-593-6722 x6680

or download the Bridges to the STARS Application Form (PDF 42K).

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