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Advising Mission, Philosophy and Information

Advising Mission Statement

North Shore Community College provides and supports a quality, comprehensive advising program that empowers its diverse community of learners to actualize individual goals. Advisors and students form collaborative advising relationships leading to the successful creation of educational plans that fulfill career aspirations.

Advising Philosophy

Academic advising philosophy at North Shore Community College acknowledges that students arrive from diverse cultural, economic and educational backgrounds with varying skills, knowledge andabilities.

Academic advising practice involves creating ongoing collaborations among students and advisors. It is a form of teaching and learning, where advisors and students share the responsibility of exploring, clarifying and understanding goals that foster growth in personal, academic, career and lifelong learning.

In this advising relationship, advisors both challenge and support students as students become increasingly responsible for their unique educational planning.

Core Values of Shared Advising

  1. Advising is a form of learning and teaching.
  2. A shared system of academic and career advising is the appropriate model for students at North Shore Community College.
  3. The organizational structure assigning responsibilities to academic and student affairs, divisions, departments, programs, offices and individuals making up the college community must support the orderly progression of students as they explore, enter and move toward completing their programs, master the ability to self -direct their planning and learning, and both leave and return to the college at times appropriate to the stages of their lives.
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