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Academic Policies

General Information

It is important for students to understand general College policies so that you can formulate realistic educational goals, which are achievable given your other life responsibilities outside of school. Click here for an example.

There are many services in place to assist student in their efforts to be successful. First and foremost, is feedback from the teaching Faculty. Additionally, the College alerts students early in the semester and at mid-semester as to potential issues that may interfere with academic success. However, students need to take the lead role in making realistic and attainable educational goals.

Students should become familiar with the "language of education". The Student Handbook is a quick reference guide for students as they get used to College life here on our campus(es). Students can also reference the Academic Catalog . However, the best way to get your questions answered and to get some advice is to chat with an Advisor.

Students should visit their assigned advisors, visit the Student Support and Advising Center, or participate in a Live Chat with an advisor. This is the best way to chart a course for academic success!

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