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Paralegal Certificate (PAC)
Program Course Descriptions

CPS100 Information Technology and Its Applications
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
This course provides an introduction to the technical and social aspect of IT. Topics include computer hardware, software, telecommunications concepts, Web applications, Internet services, ethical issues, data security, and privacy. IT applications in areas such as business, education, and the arts will be examined. Course projects using operating system, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software will be integrated throughout the course. CPS100 may be fulfilled by a challenge exam and successfully completing a 3-credit liberal arts course. Credits are not awarded for passing the challeng exam. (3 lecture hours per week). Fulfills open and liberal arts elective.
PLG101 Introduction to Law and Paralegal Practice
Pre: Communications Proficiency
Introduction to the American legal system and the paralegal profession, including the functions of a paralegal, ethical principles, federal and state court structures, litigation, sources of law, legal research and reasoning, investigation and interviewing, law office management, employment strategies and career perspectives.
PLG102 Legal Research
Pre: Communications Proficiency
Introduction to legal research, methods and writing. Course will include the use of reporters, statutes, digests, citators, encyclopedias, legal periodicals and practice manuals. Emphasis placed on developing strategies for researching legal questions. Students will also learn the mechanics of writing case briefs and legal memoranda.
PLG202 Litigation
Pre: Communications Proficiency
Introduction to civil litigation. Includes the organization and jurisdiction of federal and state courts; preparation of pleadings, motions, interrogatories, depositions and trial notebooks; investigation, digesting documents, interviewing clients; trial and appellate procedures. The fundamental principles of the law of torts will also be presented since the course will focus on the trial and appeal of personal injury actions.
PLG-ELECTIVE Paralegal Certificate Directed Electives
PLG106 Legal Writing
Pre: CMP101, PLG101, and PLG102
An introduction to the fundamentals of legal writing including legal reasoning and analysis, the writing process, proper citation form, and a review of grammar, punctuation, and style. Emphasis will be placed on development of the drafting skills necessary for pleadings, briefs, memoranda, and correspondence. This course will continue to refine legal research techniques.
PLG205 Computer Applications for the Law Office
Pre: CPS100 or OFT101 & OFT222 or OFT102 & OFT222
Introduction to computer applications within the law firm. This course focuses on document preparation, timekeeping, docket control, litigation support, case management, email communications, internet and computer-assisted legal research. Review of word-processing, database management, and spread sheet design is included.
North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.
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