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North Shore Community College

Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA)
Graduate Performance Information

    NBCOT Certification Examination Performance
    For information pertaining to the most recent (2014 and 2013) performance of NSCC OTA graduates on the national certification examination, please access this direct link.  
    Previous NBCOT Data
    2010 - 2012: For the previous 3-year calendar time frame (January - December 2010, 2011, and 2012) a total of 90 students graduated from NSCC's OTA Program. Ninety (90) NSCC graduates took the certification exam as first-time test takers during this period of time with 74/90 passing the certification exam on their first attempt (82% pass rate for first time test takers). During this same time frame, 15 graduates passed the exam as repeat test takers.

    2011 - 2014 Graduation Data
    2014: A total of 39 OTA graduates - 93% graduation rate [students completing the program] 
    2013: A total of 31 OTA Graduates - 91% graduation rate [students completing the program]
    2012: A total of 34 OTA Graduates - 97% graduation rate [students completing program]
    2011: A total of 29 OTA Graduates - 85% graduation rate [students completing the program]
    NOTE - 2014 data includes 3 graduation dates (Jan, May and November) and previous years' data includes only 2 graduation dates (Jan and May). NSCC changed January graduation date for accelerated cohort of students to November to occur immediately after program completion in October [rather than official graduation date being Januray of the following year]. In 2015, we will once again have 2 graduation dates (May and November)

    Additional Information:
    Further information about certification exam performance, employment rates and clinical performance of graduates as evaluated by employers is available upon request by contacting Maureen Nardella, Department Chair, OTA Program at (978) 762-4176(978) 762-4176 or maureen.nardella@northshore.edu

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