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Medical Office Support Certificate (MOS)
Program Course Descriptions

OFT101 Keyboarding and Word Processing
Pre: Communications Proficiency
This course will introduce and reinforce keyboarding techniques and speed and accuracy development. Basic word processing concepts will be introduced using the latest version of MS Word. Students will learn the word processing functions necessary to create and format business documents including letters, memos, tables, and reports. (3 hours of lecture per week)
OFT114 Business Communications
Pre: Communications Proficiency
This course is designed to prepare students to become effective communicators in business. Topics include a review of grammar and punctuation and techniques to improve reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Emphasis is on the composition of business correspondence and the ability to write clearly and concisely. The course will also include factors such as global communication, cultural diversity, ethics, and technology and their impact on business communication
OFT116 Medical Terminology
Pre: Communications Proficiency
Designed to instruct the student in the most common word roots, prefixes, and suffixes in medical terminology. Emphasis is on spelling, word drills, pronunciation exercises, and definition of words. The student develops a broad medical vocabulary used by professionals in medical and allied health fields. Fulfills open and office technology electives.
OFT219 Medical Administrative Procedures
Co: OFT116 and OFT101 or OFT102Designed to introduce the medical assistant to the administrative aspects of the medical office including telephone etiquette and triage, appointment scheduling, patient intake, billing systems, insurance claims, medical records, and related professional activities. Emphasis is placed on high standards of ethics in relation to the patient and the medical profession. Fulfills open and office technology electives.
ALH118 Third Party Reimbursement
Co: OFT116
This course examines the third-party billing and reimbursement process including the preparation and submission of claim forms required by both government and private payers. An overview of the basics of diagnosis and procedure coding and how they relate to the reimbursement of services will also be included. Emphasis throughout the course is given to compliance in health care as it relates to billing and coding. Topics will include HIPAA and billing and coding regulations as they relate to ethical documentation requirements.(3 lecture hours per week)
BIO108 The Body in Health and Disease
Pre: Communications Proficiency
A study of the interrelationships of anatomy, physiology, and pathology with chemical and microbiological consideration for students in the health care field. Primarily for mental health technicians, medical assistants, medical secretaries and public and environmental health officers. Fulfills open, science and liberal arts electives. (3 hours of lecture per week)
BUS132 Business Workplace Seminar
Pre: 50% of Program Requirements
Students will gain first-hand knowledge of various career opportunities and gain an understanding of workplace expectations by participating in such activities as job shadowing, informational interviews, mentoring relationships and/or short-term job-site experiences. Seminar topics will include developing job search skills, researching job sites on the internet, preparing cover letters and a resume, participating in mock interviews, and identifying key characteristics/traits needed for success in the workplace.
OFT102 Advanced Keyboarding and Word Processing
Pre:Communications Proficiency and ability to Keyboard 35 wpm or OFT 101
This course continues to develop keyboarding and word processing skills. Major emphasis is placed on increasing speed and accuracy skills and producing various business documents from arranged, unarranged, handwritten, and rough-draft sources using MS Word advanced features.
OFT140 Medical Records Transcription
Pre:OFT114 and OFT116 and OFT101 or OFT102 or OFT201
Introduces the student to the preparation of medical records used in documenting patient care. Students will transcribe correspondence and medical reports using digital transcription software. Additional medical terminology relating to various specialties as well as pharmaceutical and laboratory terms and abbreviations will be introduced throughout the course. Fulfills open and office technology electives.
North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.
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