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Health Science (LHD)
Program Course Descriptions

ALH150 The Dynamics of Health Care
Pre: Communications Proficiency
An introduction to the rapidly changing U.S. health care system and its relationship to the individual and society at large. The course will examine how the health care system has responded to and is shaped by economic, legal, and political policy decisions. Moral and ethical issues that are related to health care delivery decisions will be explored. Fulfills open and liberal arts electives. (3 lecture hours per week)
or  OPN-ELECTIVE Open Elective(s)
CMP101 Composition 1
Pre: Placement exam score
Emphasis is on developing skills of writing, reading, analytical thinking, and research. Students are introduced to thought provoking ideas in readings from a variety of disciplines and learn to organize material, analyze ideas, and produce clear writing. Fulfills open and liberal arts electives.
PSY102 Introductory (General) Psychology
LSS-ELECTIVE Laboratory Science Sequence Electives
CMP102-150 Composition 2 Elective
Pre: CMP101
Emphasis is on the principles and practices of newspaper writing, editing and the publication of printed media, typography, copyfitting, headline writing, and photo journalism. Two lectures and one writing lab are scheduled each week. The work may include writing for college or community publications. Fulfills open, liberal arts, composition 2, and humanities electives.
CPS100 Information Technology and Its Applications
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
This course provides an introduction to the technical and social aspect of IT. Topics include computer hardware, software, telecommunications concepts, Web applications, Internet services, ethical issues, data security, and privacy. IT applications in areas such as business, education, and the arts will be examined. Course projects using operating system, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software will be integrated throughout the course. CPS100 may be fulfilled by a challenge exam and successfully completing a 3-credit liberal arts course. Credits are not awarded for passing the challeng exam. (3 lecture hours per week). Fulfills open and liberal arts elective.
LA-ELECTIVE Liberal Arts Elective(s)
MAT143 Introduction to Statistics
OPN-ELECTIVE Open Elective
PHI120 Medical Ethics
Pre: Communications Proficiency
Recent developments in the bio-medical fields have led to considerable moral perplexity about the rights and duties of patients, health professionals, research subjects, and researchers. This course presents a brief introduction to ethical theory and a set of diverse, carefully selected readings (pro and con) on some of the most contemporary issues in bioethics. Some of these issues that will be analyzed and discussed are the following: abortion and infanticide, the problems of birth defects, euthanasia, psycho-surgery, behavior and genetic control, and the claim to health care. Fulfills open, liberal arts and humanities electives.
HUM-ELECTIVE Humanities Electives
LS-ELECTIVE Laboratory Science Electives
SS-ELECTIVE Social Science Elective(s)
COP202 Cooperative Education/Internship
Pre: 2.0 CQPA, CMP101 & 27 credits in student's program
Enhances career development and professional growth by integrating classroom study and seminar sessions with a faculty supervised 120 hour work experience in the student's academic major. Focuses on developing job search skills, work ethics, human relations and communications skills needed for success in the workplace. Course registration is subject to the availability of an approved internship/cooperative education work site.
or  OPN-ELECTIVE Open Elective(s)
LA-ELECTIVE Liberal Arts Elective(s)
North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.
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