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North Shore Community College

Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Educator (ITC)
Education Philosophy

    Our philosophy of education is based on the values we hold for children. We believe children need to be with teachers who:

    • Have sound knowledge of child growth and development.
    • See early childhood as a unique and valuable stage in the process of human development.
    • View children as individuals and respond to each one's unique needs.
    • Strive to be fair to all children.
    • Understand that families significantly influence a child's behavior.
    • Have developed cultural competence and value each child's family and culture.
    • Build mutually respectful partnerships with families.
    • Are able to help children gain control of their own behavior.
    • Encourage children to express their feelings in appropriate ways.
    • Have a good understanding of how children learn best.
    • Can plan, implement and evaluate developmentally appropriate curriculum.
    • Provide materials and support for exploration and experimentation.
    • Value play as one of the most important experiences in early childhood.
    • Instill a positive attitude toward learning and are curious and interesting themselves.
    • Encourage children to express themselves through creative experiences.
    • Are aware of the relationships between physical health, mental health and cognitive development.
    • Enjoy the time they spend with children and delight in their gains toward autonomy and initiative.
    • Relate well to other adults.
    • See themselves as professionals and life-long learners.

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