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Computer Networking Certificate (CKC)
Program Course Descriptions

CPS101 Computer Science 1 (Java 1)
Pre: MAT151 with a C or better or CCMR score of 40 or above and Communications Proficiency
This course is an introduction to computer programming through the use of the Java programming language. The range of topics includes fundamentals of Java, creation of Java programs, the development and testing environments, Java application programming, and applet programming with web applications, data types, control structures, arrays (single and multidimensional), and an introduction to objects, classes and methods. Emphasis will be on object- oriented design and programming skills. Topics will be reinforced through exercises in writing programs for varied applications. Fulfills open, liberal arts and computer language electives. Students entering this course should be able to use the Windows Interface to locate, create, and manipulate files, and folders. (4 lecture hours per week)
or  CPS218 UNIX
Pre: CPS100
This course will teach the student how to use UNIX. It introduces the student to the fundamental concepts of the UNIX operating system. It provides the student with the basic tools necessary to use this operating system effectively. This course is intended for students who need to learn the basics of UNIX because the student may be working in a UNIX environment: be it a programming environment, a database system, a general business system, or a scientific environment operating under UNIX. Fulfills open and web development electives. (4 hours of lecture per week)
CMP150 Composition 2: Technical Writing
Pre: CMP101 or CMP101H with a 'C' or permission of instructor
An intermediate to advanced technical and researched writing course focusing on the types of writing frequently done in industry, science, and government, which stresses clear, concise wording and logical organization. Students write mechanical descriptions, letters, abstracts, reports, proposals, and instructions. Class time is divided between lecture/discussion on the writing process and writing workshop activities.
CPS130 Computer Hardware
Pre: CPS100
Examines the principles and skills required to understand and work with computer hardware. Topics include system architecture, CPU and systemboard, memory, I/O devices, disassembly and assembly, documentation, upgrades, system diagnostics and troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance. Instruction includes lectures, demonstrations and hands-on work. Fulfills open and software electives.(3 hours of lecture per week)
CPS170 Database Theory and Applications
Pre: CPS100
This course is an introduction to database theory and applications. Topics will include Database design, foundation for the relational database model, Structured Query Language (SQL), Entity Relationship (E-R) Modeling, normalization, advanced database design and implementation, and file indexing. Fulfills open, web development and software electives.
CPS122 Operating Systems
Pre: CPS100
A comprehensive study of current operating system (OS) technology including the OS architecture, utilities and tools of the OS, file system management and system optimization, system processes, application support, system commands, system documentation, customization, diagnostics, fault tolerance, and features of different OS systems. Emphasis is placed on the efficient use of the OS to monitor, manage and maximize use of system resources, and troubleshooting. Fulfills open and software electives. (4 hours of lecture per week)
CPS134 Introduction to Computer Networks
Pre: CPS100
A solid introduction to computer networks including the internet infrastructure. Topics include network file systems, network models, the functions and features of network operating systems, and the essential management of computer networks. The installation and configuration of client/workstation operating system in the network are used to reinforce course content. Fulfills open, software and Web development electives. (2 hours of lecture per week)
CPS136 Advanced Computer Networks
Co: CPS134
Advanced course in computer networks and internet infrastructure including client-server network, peer-to-peer network, OSI model, network protocols, network file system management, file system security, network administrations and policies, network server management, network services, network performance and fault tolerance. The configuration and administration of client-server networks are used to reinforce the course content. Fulfills open, software, and Web development electives. (4 hours of lecture per week)
CPS138 Internet Networking and Security
Pre: CPS100
Students will examine the underlying network technologies behind the Internet and the World Wide Web and what is needed to allow remote machines to communicate with each other. Participants will also learn how to implement and strengthen security procedures on an Internetwork. Topics will include an overview of TCP/IP, HTTP, IP addressing, subnetting, routing, DNS, SSL, proxy servers, firewalls, password protection, and encryption. Students entering this course must be able to use the Windows interface to locate, create, and manipulate files and have a working knowledge of how to use a web browser to access information on the WWW. Fulfills open and web development electives. (4 lecture hours per week)
North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.
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