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Computer Information Systems (CIT)
Program Course Descriptions

CMP101 Composition 1
Pre: Placement exam score
Emphasis is on developing skills of writing, reading, analytical thinking, and research. Students are introduced to thought provoking ideas in readings from a variety of disciplines and learn to organize material, analyze ideas, and produce clear writing. Fulfills open and liberal arts electives.
CPS100 Information Technology and Its Applications
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
This course provides an introduction to the technical and social aspect of IT. Topics include computer hardware, software, telecommunications concepts, Web applications, Internet services, ethical issues, data security, and privacy. IT applications in areas such as business, education, and the arts will be examined. Course projects using operating system, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software will be integrated throughout the course. CPS100 may be fulfilled by a challenge exam and successfully completing a 3-credit liberal arts course. Credits are not awarded for passing the challeng exam. (3 lecture hours per week). Fulfills open and liberal arts elective.
CPS130 Computer Hardware
Pre: CPS100
Examines the principles and skills required to understand and work with computer hardware. Topics include system architecture, CPU and systemboard, memory, I/O devices, disassembly and assembly, documentation, upgrades, system diagnostics and troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance. Instruction includes lectures, demonstrations and hands-on work. Fulfills open and software electives.(3 hours of lecture per week)
CPS173 Data Management Using Excel
MAT151-XXX Math Elective at MAT151 level or above
CMP102-150 Composition 2 Elective
Pre: CMP101
Emphasis is on the principles and practices of newspaper writing, editing and the publication of printed media, typography, copyfitting, headline writing, and photo journalism. Two lectures and one writing lab are scheduled each week. The work may include writing for college or community publications. Fulfills open, liberal arts, composition 2, and humanities electives.
CPS101 Computer Science 1 (Java 1)
Pre: MAT151 with a C or better or CCMR score of 40 or above and Communications Proficiency
This course is an introduction to computer programming through the use of the Java programming language. The range of topics includes fundamentals of Java, creation of Java programs, the development and testing environments, Java application programming, and applet programming with web applications, data types, control structures, arrays (single and multidimensional), and an introduction to objects, classes and methods. Emphasis will be on object- oriented design and programming skills. Topics will be reinforced through exercises in writing programs for varied applications. Fulfills open, liberal arts and computer language electives. Students entering this course should be able to use the Windows Interface to locate, create, and manipulate files, and folders. (4 lecture hours per week)
CPS170 Database Theory and Apllications
Pre: CPS100
This course is an introduction to database theory and applications. Topics will include Database design, foundation for the relational database model, Structured Query Language (SQL), Entity Relationship (E-R) Modeling, normalization, advanced database design and implementation, and file indexing. Fulfills open, web development and software electives.
MAT151-XXX Math Elective at MAT151 level or above
CPS-ELECTIVE Computer Science Elective
HUM-ELECTIVE Humanities Elective
LS-ELECTIVE Laboratory Science Elective
SS-ELECTIVE Social Science Elective
CPS-ELECTIVE Computer Science Elective
CPS122 Operating Systems
Pre: CPS100
A comprehensive study of current operating system (OS) technology including the OS architecture, utilities and tools of the OS, file system management and system optimization, system processes, application support, system commands, system documentation, customization, diagnostics, fault tolerance, and features of different OS systems. Emphasis is placed on the efficient use of the OS to monitor, manage and maximize use of system resources, and troubleshooting. Fulfills open and software electives. (4 hours of lecture per week)
HUM-ELECTIVE Humanities Elective
SCI-ELECTIVE Science Elective(s)
SS-ELECTIVE Social Science Elective
North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.
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