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North Shore Community College

Aviation Science Professional Pilot (AVD)
Flight Training Fees

    The Professional Pilot Program at NSCC is designed to provide students with the necessary ground and flight training to obtain a Single-Engine Commercial Pilot Certificate issued by the FAA. The program works in conjunction with NSCC's contracted flight school, Beverly Flight Center (BFC). It is BFC's responsibility to provide the flight training portion of the program, with oversight from the NSCC Aviation Sciences Program Coordinator. 

    Students matriculated in the Aviation Science Professional Pilot program are responsible for paying North Shore Community College directly for expenses associated with all flight training.  North Shore Community College is responsible for disbursing funds to the contracted flight school as the student progresses in his/her flight training.
    Students registered in the following flight training courses will be charged the corresponding flat rate flight training fee. This fee is an additional charge that will appear on the student's semester billing statement along with the full cost of the course:

    Course #  Tuition/Fees*  Flight Hours  Flight Fee
    AVS103           $606                50          $14,885
    AVS104           $606                50          $7,300
    AVS208           $606                52          $11,605
    AVS204           $606                21          $5,400
    AVS205           $606              100          $12,412
    AVS222           $606                5           $2,600

    * Tuition and Fees is based on 3-credits Massachusetts in-state rate. All students are also charged a facility fee each semester ($20 if register less than 12 credits, or $50 if register 12 or more credits). Check the Tuition and Fees page for details. 

    In the event a student requires more flight training than is established in the flight training course (i.e. AVS103 Private Pilot Flight Training fee covers 50 hours of flight training, but the student's learning level requires training beyond 50 hours), an additional cost to the student will be assessed based on consultation with the flight training provider and program coordinator. The student is required to pay the college the additional assessed amount before continuing with his/her training.

    There are four (4) payment options available to an Aviation student: (1) payment in full, (2) enrollment in College's payment plan, (3) financial aid, and/or (4) payment by 3rd party. Please check the Payment Options page for details.

    * Students can set up a payment plan for the regular NSCC tuition and fees. The flight training fee cannot be included in payment plans. Students are required to have full funding for the flight training fee up front.

    Students must have the flight training fee "paid" prior to being cleared to fly. "Paid" means that the student is paid in full, is making payments as agreed to in the payment plan, has documented financial aid evidence that the cost will be covered through financial aid, has certification from the 3rd party that has promised to pay, or some combination of the above.

    The Beverly Flight Center Rental Agreement regarding "Cancellations & No-Shows" will apply to students enrolled in flight training courses.

    Should the student drop the course or withdraw from the program, the appropriate refund policy as outlined by the College, Veteran's Administration, or financial aid award will be followed. 

    Students have one (1) year to complete the flight training once they are enrolled in the course. If a student fails to complete the flight training course within one year, he/she receives a grade of "F" for the course and needs to re-enroll in the flight training course to complete the requirements. The flight training fee remaining on his/her account will either be applied to the re-enrolled course or be refunded to the student.

    Students are required to attend an orientation session prior to registering for courses in the program. The orientation will include detailed financial aid counseling.

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