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Accounting Certificate (ACN)
Program Course Descriptions

ACC101 Basic Accounting 1
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
Introduction of the accounting process for the financial enterprise. Students will gain insight to the value of financial reports in business decision-making. Communicative, quantitative, critical thinking and ethical considerations will be emphasized. Topics include: the framework of accounting, the preparation and analysis of financial statements, transaction analysis for service and merchandising operations, inventories, accounting information systems, internal control, and accounting for cash. General ledger software and other appropriate computer applications may be included. Fulfills open elective. (3 hours of lecture per week)
BUS120 Computer Applications for Business
Pre: Communications and Mathematics proficiency
This course provides a hands-on experience in the use of business computer applications. Students will gain practical knowledge of spreadsheet, word processor, database and pertinent internet technologies. Students will develop their skills utilizing tools from the Microsoft Office Suite and collaboration tools from the Google G-Suite. Topics include: Document formatting, forms and reports design, creating smart interrelated spreadsheets with complex formulas and functions, representing data with meaningful graphs, relational database design, queries, remote collaboration, file sharing, and file and storage management. Fulfills open elective. (3 hours of lecture per week)
CMP101 Composition 1
Pre: Placement exam score
Emphasis is on developing skills of writing, reading, analytical thinking, and research. Students are introduced to thought provoking ideas in readings from a variety of disciplines and learn to organize material, analyze ideas, and produce clear writing. Fulfills open and liberal arts electives.
MGT102 Principles of Management
Pre: Communications proficiency
Covers the fundamentals of management including the functions of planning, organizing, influencing, and controlling in organizations. Prepares business students to better understand the management process.
ACC102 Basic Accounting 2
Pre: ACC101
A continuation of ACC101 applying communicative, quantitative, and critical thinking skills to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Topics include: accounting for receivables, plant assets, natural resources, intangible assets, investments, payroll, accounting for various types of equity, introductory current and long term liabilities, partnerships, corporations, and preparation of the Cash Flow Statement. General ledger software and other appropriate computer applications may be included. Fulfills open elective. (3 hours of lecture per week)
ACC103 Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks
ACC110 Small Business Computerized Accounting
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiency
This course provides an overview of a computerized accounting system for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Topics include: Handling company files, backing up and restoring company information, entering and paying vendor bills, invoicing and receiving payments, managing inventories, new company setup-express start, payroll setup, and banking and reconciling accounts. Fulfills open electives.
ACC201 Intermediate Accounting 1
Pre: ACC102 or ACC108
An in-depth study of accounting concepts, theory, and principles as applied to financial accounting. Focuses on the preparation and analysis of the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows. Emphasis is on accounting issues relating to cash, temporary investments, receivables, inventories, and time value of money. Fulfills open elective. (3 lecture hours per week)
ACC203 Managerial Accounting
Pre: ACC102 or ACC108
Emphasizes the use of cost issues for management to make informed decisions for business planning. Topics include cost classifications, job cost systems, process costing, cost behavior, cost- volume-profit analysis, budgeting with variance analysis using standard costs, relevant costs for decision making, capital investments, Activity Based Costing and financial statement analysis; additional topics may be covered. Fulfills open elective. (3 lecture hours per week)
ACC208 Taxation
Pre: ACC101 or ACC108
Presents an introduction to personal and business taxation. Topics include filing status and dependency determination, income inclusions and exclusions, components of total income, allowable deductions and credits. Introduces taxation of partnerships and corporations. The course may include software with Individual Taxation applications. Fulfills open elective. (3 lecture hours per week)
BUS103 Advanced Excel
Pre: BUS120 and ACC101 or ACC108
Utilizes Microsoft Excel for analyzing financial data. Topics include use of advanced formatting and filtering techniques, functions, tools, tables, charts, as well as collaborating, performing what-if-analysis, automating repetitive tasks, and importing and exporting data. Fulfills open elective.
North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.
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