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North Shore Community College

Veterinary Tech Department

Lelia King
Department Chair

The mission of the Veterinary Technology Program at North Shore Community College is to provide qualified students with the educational opportunity to enable them to successfully seek employment and establish careers in the domain of companion animal veterinary practice. Utilizing a curriculum strong in science and math, the Program strives to prepare students with the physical, intellectual and emotional skills necessary to work effectively in all areas of companion animal practice, while providing the community with a qualified and compassionate workforce.

Consistent with the standards published by the American Veterinary Medical Association and with an understanding of the importance of multi-skilling, the Program faculty balance theory, practical application and self-assessment in the teaching of the clinical and administrative competencies. Veterinary Technology knowledge and technical skills are acquired through a wide range of learning activities. Additionally, critical thinking and problem solving are advanced through the learning experience. The Program has as its primary goal the development of entry-level veterinary technicians prepared to render competent care (in an ethical manner) to their patients.

Questions or comments to lking@northshore.edu.

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