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North Shore Community College

Interdisciplinary Studies Department
What is Interdisciplinary Studies or IDS?

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program

As a Liberal Arts option, the IDS program offers students a unique opportunity to explore topics and issues in an interdisciplinary way. The program is based on the belief that knowledge from various academic disciplines can be integrated so that it reflects what actually happens in life and the real world. In this way, knowledge about the real world will have a certain unity and coherence to it. In an era of over-specialization and fragmentation, the IDS program emphasizes the mastery of relevant knowledge in this holistic and comprehensive way.

Courses from Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) involve two or more subjects that are integrated into one class. For example, Literature of the Holocaust is a course that investigates history through literature. Other exciting courses offered through IDS are Reiki, Yoga, Herbal Pharmacology, Ethics in Business, Approaches to Peace and Conflict Resolution, Exploring the Brain Mind, Music and Healing, Nutrition, School Violence and Hawthorne in Salem.

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