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North Shore Community College

Culinary Arts & Food Service Department

Loreen Tirrell

Loreen Tirrell
Program Coordinator

The Culinary Arts Program of North Shore Community College creates competent, well rounded graduates fully prepared for careers in the food service industry. The evolution of cooking and baking from a trade to a profession is one that requires skills and dedication beyond a love of the creative process. Faculty members guide students through a competency-based, in-depth multicultural curriculum with intellectual components in the classroom and practical application in the laboratory kitchen, dining room and bakery. Students will also expand their knowledge and capabilities through elective courses.

Graduates of the Culinary Arts Program are confident and prepared to work in all aspects of the food industry leading to jobs as varied as restaurant chef, food researcher or writer, restaurant designer, caterer, nutritionist or entrepreneur.

Questions or comments to ltirrell@northshore.edu.

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