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North Shore Community College

Behavioral Sciences Department
Department Goals

In fulfillment of its mission, the Behavioral Science Department will (1) offer course content that includes information pertaining to the development of student careers, whether enrolled in transfer degree, career degree, or career certificate programs.
(2) List course content, through syllabus topics and course objectives, indicating the course material focuses on the fundamental concepts of psychology, sociology, or anthropology, which will enhance transfer credits in support of college degree and certificate programs.
(3) Provide course content (through upper level courses) which focuses on more specialized content that addresses the needs of students and the various transfer, career,a nd certificate programs.
(4) Develop and identify, on an ongoing basis, the opportunity for stdents to participate in extracurricular academic activitiesand events that enhance the Department's mission (e.g. Forum on Tolerance, Dominican Republic Field Site studies, etc.)
(5) Present/endorse service-learning opportunities for students to facilitate the link between the academic environment and the community, at large.
(6) Enhance workforce readiness through demonstration of competencies in effective communication, holding confidentiality, and critical thinking and analysis.
(7) Identify and explain the responsibilities as a citizen of society and culture, which include the understanding and appreciation of individual and cultural differences, respecting others, and conflict management.
(7) Assist students in critical thinking and the development of effective decision-making.
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