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North Shore Community College

Animal Science Department
NSCC Animal Use/Care Campus Policy

North Shore Community College
Danvers Health Professions and Student Services Building
Animal Science Department
Policy for Animal Use/Care on Campus

The Animal Science Department at North Shore Community College utilizes animals in the instruction of students in both the Veterinary Technology and Animal Care Specialist Programs. The purpose of animal utilization is to provide primary educational experiences for the students. In order to ensure that the animals are safe and humanely treated, and that students are safe and experience a maximal educational benefit from live animal use, the Animal Science Department has developed the following policies:

1. All animals are to be brought into the building through the entrance located to the right of the fence of the outdoor dog run area.
2. All animals must be restrained at all times while on College property.
3. An instructor of North Shore Community College must be present when students are transferring animals from restraints to cages/kennel runs.
4. No animals are to be left unattended in the outdoor runs.
5. All animals are restricted to the Animal Science area only, HPSS rooms 107-113.
6. Animals are not allowed in the general classrooms; exception is a service animal.
7. All animals must be kenneled unless participating in a demonstration exercise.
8. Pre-approval by the instructor is required for any animals being brought to class.
9. If a student plans on arriving early for a class with an animal, prior arrangement must be made with an Animal Science Department Instructor.
10. Students MUST provide proof of Rabies vaccination of their animal(s) to the instructor.
11. No animals are permitted to congregate on the outdoor walkways or interior hallways of the College.
12. Animals are not to be kept or left in cars in the parking lot.
13. Animals that are deemed aggressive or disruptive by the Animal Science faculty will be sent home and not permitted to return to campus.
14. Do not leave leashes or collars on animals in kennels.
15. Animals in kennels must be identified with a cage card listing the date, student?s name, class, pet name, and student cell phone number. Kenneled animals must have a paper ID collar affixed to them at all times.
16. All pet accessories are to be labeled and placed in designated kennel baskets.
17. Students are responsible for providing water and general care to their pets while on campus.
18. Students are responsible for cleaning up after their pet while on campus. This includes cleaning any used kennels/runs and disposing of waste in appropriate receptacles.
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